can i just rape her when she’s not looking?

gather all the strands of her hair and just use the bundle to drag her closer to me,

clench her arms until it burns a mark

tear her cocoon apart and see what she hides: her insecurities, behind her seemingly divine stare

strike below her bosom

grab her by the throat, slam her to the wall and watch as she falls to her knees?

can i?

and just ask her where’s her smile now? finally, no pretentions.

pull her feet and turn her around.

“…a taste of what you’ve done to me!?”

hear screams of pain between her inaudible tears of release

blood, shit, and come all over the floor….

and throw her away.

can i?

can i say

“finally, we’re even!”


~ by saikow on November 23, 2006.

11 Responses to “sukli”

  1. hmmm… very violent.. but the potential is there.
    hey, our official blog is go there and check the links to comment on your classmates’ works.

  2. amf marz.. so violent.. its like watching a movie without the TV.. porn that is..

  3. this entry… is the parth to the darkside. =p
    i like the violence. its very instructional.
    now if allen suddenly commits a sexual crime one of these days, i’ll probably blame you.
    talk about Plato and “dangerous art”.

    “can i just rape her when she’s not looking?”
    its worth the try…

  4. im scared, seriously.
    you just spawned evil right between my eyes.

  5. you write and think like raping that “somebody” had become your obsession. Sukli somewhat reminds me of James Patterson’s “Kiss the Girls”. (naks!!jejeje)

  6. *this entry… is the PATH to the darkside. =p

    sori sa typo di pala dapat yun parth… PATH.. PATH. hahaha..
    di lang nag hit si rig, actually hit na hit pa…
    yes.. its his obsession.
    girls beware.
    even boys should do the same thing.

    peace man!

  7. Too violent..
    and the line-> “blood, shit, and come all over the floor….”

    come? Yuck!!… haha..

  8. (do it)hahaha =p kdng asyd, commanding images… great piece.

  9. choooiiii…

  10. choooi…

  11. chui.

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