a naked man, roughly about twenty years of age, is thrown into a well:
his mouth is covered with duct tape;
both his hands are bound by nylon strings;
both his feet are bound by motorcycle chains and covered with cement.

total weight: half a ton.

the fall sends his legs, torso, and head to the center stage:
muscles stretch like rubber bands, refusing to snap;
sinews unwind as bones hold firm;
a massive wave from his stomach is pushing the walls of his head,
trying to spurt out of his eyes.

a faint splash echoes between the walls of the well.

he is still falling, sinking.
the water, running cold as ice, caressing his skin.
the bitter taste of his last cigarette, trying to escape his mouth.
but his screams are muffled by the tape and the static hushing of the dark water.
he looks above as the arrays of white light dwindle into one faint spot.
now, between the complete darkness…

he waits.


~ by saikow on November 28, 2006.

One Response to “slowly”

  1. really grave., ‘am thankful that ur subject is not a woman this time, otherwise u’ll get urself in a grave situation…maybe u’ll wound up being executed by some feminists sumday.atik lang…jejeje..

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