The sky above resembles a canvas of indigoes swirling in indefinite strokes; a hint of crimson pastels bleed from the vast horizon at the west. There are grey, heavy clouds just above the burning mountains that stand guard at the east of this little town. The lawn is supposed to be green, but the setting sun has washed most of its greenery off and colored the whole scene with shades of orange. Each beam from the sun seems to bear weight; as each ray caresses my skin, the warmth seems to press the shadows away. There are four trees surrounding me, one has a swing that no one has ever used, and perhaps no one ever will. The leaves rustle with each gush of wind, sending chills down the small of my neck. The air is heavy with the scent of burning leaves. The shadows of the white picket fence grow longer with every passing minute. Soon, they’ll cover the small spot of soil between the empty clay pots and the pile of dead leaves. I place the cornflower above the mound, I stand up and walk along the flagstones that lead up to a white door.


~ by saikow on December 6, 2006.

5 Responses to “silence”

  1. i was able to get a whiff of those burning leaves that i thought there’s actually something burning inside the cafe..good for me i didn’t scurry out that very moment., nice work!

    (To Evil Genius and GoGo PowerRangers: i’m waiting for ur comment..)

  2. to modthryth: why wait for my comment? and m’dear you spelled my pen-name wrong… GoGo Power rangers… ther’s an extra GO.. there are three Go’s.. Go Go and Go! GogOGo Power Rangers

    nyahaha.unsa man GIRA na sad ta modthryth?? nyahaha joke.
    char char lng man intawon ning akong mga comments.

    anywayzz.. chuya sa mga entries sa mga lalake oi.
    we are OWNED by the shiftees, -fact.

    very detailed. work of an advanced writer. weee.

    “Color-full” entry… literally.
    -hint of crimson pastels
    -There are grey, heavy clouds
    -The lawn is supposed to be green,
    -lead up to a white door.
    -scene with shades of orange

    oi.. modthryth re-act na sa akong criticism.
    para kuyaw.. actually this is how a criticism goes.

    react.. defend.. suggest..

    colorful and nice write.. 🙂

    ilisan n nako akong name diri sa blog oi..
    ku-an na sad. kanang… hhmm..

  3. oh.. kani na sad akong pen-name mwahahaha

  4. this is really a work of a saikow..hehehe…bitaw, ’tis gooood..and i agree that it’s colorful..(i can imagine different shades of red or perhaps orange…)
    but i just wonder why the title is silence…when i was reading it, i was “hearing” man sounds…like the rustling of leaves,etc…and perhaps also, the “color of the scenario” and i think the character too does not suggest any silence…
    but again…’tis gO0000d…

  5. this entry is well-written as it contains significant concrete details. it seems that your prose is better than your poetry. you got a high score for this exercise. good job!

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