birth of an incubus [an excerpt from the celene chapters]

oh, sweet artemis, dost thou wish to press thy lips
upon mine which long hungered for thine enchanting kiss?
mine eyes have been long awake to the truth long left behind
my goddess is lost the forest where mortal heart go blind…

i have offered sweet crimson in thine pulpit for moons
red are mine rivers, and silted my shores
wishing sweet luna for sweet, fragrant whores
her sweetness is but a tear, to the devil she swoons
water, mine eyes, and melted mine lids
sewn shut for an aeon, snow-capped, well-hid

oh, black sukkubi, dost thou wish to take my soul
in thine dark sepulchre where libidos lose control
serpentine madness, kiss mine wounds and sip mine seeds
for this filthy little desire is her dirty little deed…

i stand empty-hearted awaiting sweet luna
nostalgic her eyes, seductive her lips
i offer this moment to her naked eclipse
i lie in distant shores for bitter asthenia
id take over her body and ransack every inch
leaving nothing innocent, leaving a sick perverted stitch

ah, zeus, give me the power to fly to her now
and watch her heave between sheets as she plays with her fingers
ill watch in nocturna, patient as the dead
and when timing is mine, slip to her bed and there, linger

for if my fingers cant own her, they can writhe the hilt
of the knife as i raise it to heaven, and her throat it shall slit
and the phantoms bare witness to this murderous man
“if i cant have you, no one ever f*cking can…”

i look down at mine goddess, bloodied yet beautiful
venus would turn jealous if she saw this mural of mine love
no joy and no sadness, murderous yet faithful
im forever loyal, no concubines hidden underneath these wings of the dove

did the winds blow her hair, let every strand dance?
to the beats of sweet longing, to lust’s ogasmic trance?
did she look for another, in those distant unseen shores?
for another finger to be lead inside the lips of the whore?

if so, sweet cupid, shall i look for another mouth
to bring me oral pleasures, and kiss my rot away?
shall i search for a far sweeter caress, a gentler touch
to hold me in nights of the abyss, to never let me slip away?

no, i shall never c*m for any other girl
but for her face, she can milk mine soul dry
no, nothing else matters to me in this world
none but her face, to no one else shall i cry

oh, if i could touch her cheeks as i stare at her eyes
decietful and devious, hold nothing but lies
if i could lick her lips and hear her moan
id slip medusas snake in her c*nt and watch her turn to stone…

im afraid…
so afraid…
and i kiss…
her forehead, goodbye…

til our eyes meet again in a haunted nights dream
i shall taste her again and drink her nectar
but for now, she sleeps well in death’s embrace
as i search for another constellation, another star…


~ by saikow on February 1, 2007.

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