by the window, there sits a rose, with a rich red color you’d swear it bleeds. outside, raindrops are slowly falling from the sky; as a matter of fact, you could count them one by one if you wanted to. everything was a haze on the outside world. a soft mist embracing everything: the wilting trees, the damp road that could stretch on forever. clouds are looming over, the street lights burn into an irritating shade of yellow. i swear, the cold rules over this day. here i am, inside the house, but the north wind could still bring me a slight chill. the house is too damn dark, even for me. the only source of light is the window, with all the droplets of rain and that stupid rose. i swear, the rose is bleeding; with the cold slowly entering the house, dew drops started to appear on its petals.

god, the day is too damn slow. anyway, back to what i was doing, was it this green wire? i was trying to figure out what was wrong with me. i wasn’t bleeding and all, but i had this fucking ache on my chest. i don’t understand it at all. i quit smoking years ago – not to my liking, but hey. there was something terribly wrong, my head was spinning around and my palms are all fucking sweaty. my stomach feels as though it was empty. i want to fucking vomit. yes, there is something wrong. so, was it this green wire again? i started to cut it. to my surprise, rose petals started gushing out. whoa, its warm and all…

by the window, there sits a rose, with a rich red color you’d swear it bleeds.


~ by saikow on February 1, 2007.

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