looking back [an excerpt from the celene chapters]

he stared at the pictures
as if it were the only things sustaining him,
binding him to life itself,
as the cold wind pressed on his skin.
her face has always been
in the center of his memory,
yet seeing the photographs
still burn his chest into an autumn nights feeling.
he gazed in her eyes
-pixelated, indifferent-
as were her words in the screen
when she opened up herself
as cold tears trickled down his cheeks.
her smile was pleasing,
much to the utter content of every boy,
filling him to the brink of his own dissolution
-his own winter.
he wishes to be.
the truth has been lain infront of him
-putrid, evident-
love does not exist.


cupid, thine lips hath deceived what thine arrows wish
perceived as mere injections to a soul long forgot.
rape, the angels shalt burn within the regions of mine mind
and in mine hands, their severed heads rot.
i yearn to hold her, to feel her, to make her cum
in mine finger will her nectar flow and i shalt drink it.
in mine lips shall her moans echo with pleasure unimagined
speaketh be mine mind, and lest you not forget…

i lay her down in crimson petals of rose and blood
and taste her lips of citrus oranges
my tongue shall roam the regions of her lips
and bathe in shores of pure bliss
her hair flows down on her alabaster skin
and i brush it off to gaze into her eyes -closed.
feeling her curves from her shoulders to her back
lower and lower my hands shall travel into stygian
kissing the shadows cast into her nape
tasting her soft, white throat.
her laces shall fall down and drop to the earth
and the northern wind be her dress
i shall embrace her and offer
the warmth of a midsummer
fingers shall play with the curiosity of a child
playing in the feiry rings of lust
and in the gardens shall flow ever abundantly
the waters of eternal youth
sweetest be the milk of a forbidden fruit
and sourest be its after taste
a play of sensations an a script of tongue
that ripples in inertia
let the stars burn brighter with her every moan
let the moon shine sweeterwith her every breath
she arches and reaches for God
but i bind her to the reaches of reality
in that cosmic moment, a grain of sand in the desert of time
the holy intercourse of heaven and earth has been
in that cosmic moment, a grain of sand in the desert of time
she loved me… she loved me…


~ by saikow on February 1, 2007.

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