He placed himself inside you – long and hard; like a hot burning coal inside your mouth. Your throat is like a dark, wet subterranean tunnel for a train moving back and forth, back and forth. The friction is made negligible by your saliva and his premature ejaculation – sweet like honey; sour like your childhood days. The scent of his sweat merged with the fumes of this three by four meter room where cleaning utilities are kept, within the reaches of shadows. His moans, nearly inaudible against the seamless pumping of his manhood slipping between your lips. “Maynard…” your name echoes the scene, his voice – primal, natural. Your fingers play with his body, caressing his stomach, often leading to his nipples, pinching them often. He comes, hot semen fills your mouth as he screams your name again, “Maynard!” Tears fill your eyes, and that one moment nearly lasted a lifetime. The steady stream of come flowing out of the corners of your lips. And as the last drop of it comes out, you ask him,

“How’s mom, dad?”


~ by saikow on February 1, 2007.

One Response to “loyalty”

  1. Oh God…I love the piece…:'( waaah…poor kid…

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