promises hurt the most

Beneath the stars, amid the cold breeze, the constant stare of yellow street lamps.
The scent of you makes my eyes want to falter, my body longing to lie beside yours.
You wrap your arms around me, I can’t get out, but then again, why would I want to?
You whisper words to make me happy – happier than any man has ever made me.
You kiss my nape. Your lips – warm, soft, wet – glide to my ears where you tell me,
“I promise…”
Then, you guide me inside your car, parked amidst the shadows of old acacia trees.
You hold me close and the last thing I wanted was for you to let go.
You undress me as you undress yourself.
You kiss my lips and i kiss back.
You enter me.
I cry.

You promised to make me happy,
why do I feel so much pain?


~ by saikow on February 1, 2007.

4 Responses to “promises hurt the most”

  1. ::::::teary eyes, typing letters yet unable to come up with the best comment:::::

    tissue please!

  2. nice…i like it…:)

  3. loi…unsa na pud na??hehehehe
    beautiful…igo kaau c loloi

  4. i like this one.
    effective and pagka-narate…kay clear ang description sa images..
    and the theme: bitter.
    at least dili na violence this time…(unless you would consider it as one.hehehe)

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