i can’t imagine how to finish a day without you,

sipping you from the bitter filter:
white air gets out from the yellow tip
of the red spot at the end of the stick,
my index and middle fingers touch my dry lips,
between them,
i hear the cackling of a fiery tip,
only audible at those moments
when i cant help but light up a stick.
my mouth is full.

inhaling, missing the way you glide down to my lungs:
caressing the walls of my throat,
taking its shape,
suffocating me for one warm moment,
from the inside,
filling up my lungs.

and when i can no longer inhale:
the cold, damp breeze
-be it at dawn,
in the middle of the day,
at night-
feels the tip of my tongue
and i exhale you.

most of the time,
id take you in again when you escape my mouth:
up my nose,
i can smell my tainted chest,
my burning throat,
my rotting gums,
my blackening teeth.

that one moment,
taking you in, breathing you out.
you reach into my chest.
yet, you and i know you reach more places.

when i feel the filter burning,
when i throw it away:
my brain melts
and it drips from my ears and eyes.
then, you fill up the cavity,
pressing what little is left of my brain
to the walls inside my skull.

oh, youre such a sweet disease that takes my thoughts away from him and her.
its such a shame that im giving you up for the same reason i started using you again…


~ by saikow on February 28, 2007.

One Response to “smoke”

  1. hahaha!

    quit smoking????

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