i love you, my angel…

if only you could feel my chest, being crushed by unseen waves

at dawn, how much i try to look back at a dream and search for you in it

but dreams are never loyal, when you try to focus on them,

they fade away…

at night, when im all alone and i tink of the things that i failed to do

to make you smile

the things i did

to make you lose a smile

be they for stupid reasons that i only realize hours after…

and ill change

if it is for the better…

i cant seem to understand you

and whats more is that

i cant seem to understand why i feel this way for you

i just do

i like many girls, but after a few weeks, they look so ordinary

no matter their smile, their eyes, their talents, their kindness

all become dissolved and placed in a place between my head and my heart

you seem to have jumped inside this so called heart and anchored yourself


i cant even let you go…

*this is not poetry, i know… *


~ by saikow on March 6, 2007.

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