asymptote [mind fuck]

tuti, the magic poopoo, was walking between te galaxies. but then, tuti spotted a thin line directly infront. being a curious little magic poopoo, tuti decided to go near it. it took tuti 300 millenia to finally touch the line. but the line grew. it grew into one collosal wall. when tuti stands three meters away from the wall and looks up, tuti sees only two halves: one of the black universe, and one of the white wall. same goes when tuti looks at the right, the left, even below. but, tuti’s curiosity could not be easily satisfied. tuti wanted to taste the wall. and so, tuti stretched the magic poopoo tongue out. but the tongue couldnt reach the wall. tuti took a step forward, took out the magic poopoo tongue, but it still didnt reach. frustrated, tuti wanted to ram the wall. and so, tuti did as he pleased. but tuti couldnt seem to reach it. tuti kept on running and running towards the wall, but the wall seemed to move further away with each step. this went on for aeons. the wall was always 3 meters away. it was always half black and half white to tuti’s left, right, up, and down. tired, tuti sat down and when tuti was about to look down for the rest of eternity, tuti saw a small scribble at one white brick…

“edge of the universe… -God”


~ by saikow on March 7, 2007.

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