dance macabre

within the reaches of what flickers between blue, black, and indigo
lost between the twenty-second and the thritieth of the eleventh step
lies a mutable daughter – honest, generous, and gifted with vision…

laying dormant between black soil, kept secret by the sands
is the son of the seventeenth sun and the fifth moon
fixed – loyal, stable, patient, and able to endure…

both of different origins, both of different views
cross each other in the backdrops of strings and chords,
of melodies and harmonies, of rhythm and rhyme

one caught the others eye, and forced him to dream…

but the fates have no blood pacts as to how this could be
tauren and hunter lost in the forest
are sure to drown where mortal hearts go blind…

but the son was born of the proud sun
and his weakness shall be his strength
tilt the zodiac to reflect and deflect

he is slave to no one – to fates, or gods, or flames of hell
compatibility and incompatibility have no say on this
one does not rape a dream from a tauren, specially if it is one of a kind…


~ by saikow on March 10, 2007.

One Response to “dance macabre”

  1. i like it a lot.
    thanks for posting it again. i kinda missed it.

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