wishes to a genie…

girl and boy, both in love,
or so thought boy. but, she had enough…

she told boy, “oh, boy, im tired.
i need to find another mind.
another one that wouldnt tire
my need for someone to admire.
you’ve given me the best you could
i appreciate it with whole heart and soul.
but, you should have known that im the kind
of girl who would easily get tired.”

and so, she left. and so, he cried
and walked and walked without a care.
until he saw a shining lamp,
like the one in that little disney crap.

blinded by the tears so warm
and a dream that she would return
he rubbed and rubbed as tears fell down
like the falling leaves when summer ends.

poof! to his surprise, a genie came.
“why that face? you called me here!”
“im sorry, sir. i did not know
that a genie would really appear!”
“as you can see, im as real as you.
you know the drill: 3 wishes from you…”

“uhm, ok… here’s how they go,
my first would be for my soul…
when i die, please make this true,
that my soul, unseen, be with hers, too…

“my second one is for anyone
who knows my face, who knows my name.
may he or she forget me when
i finally get to leave this place.

and in his final wish, the genie asks,
“who the hell rubbed me out?
and what the hell’s this body here?
lying beside my shiny lamp!?”


~ by saikow on March 11, 2007.

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