Module I.

Initializing connection…

Server found…

Allowing feed from host…

<clear screen>

The human mind is an intricately designed Central Processing Unit developed by Asthenia Corporations: a solid, dome-shaped, concrete-walled structure with irregular convolutions on its exterior. These convolutions serve as cavities where tubes filled with Freon, a coolant, circulate to prevent the CPU from overheating due to information overload.

Embedded within the walls are countless micro processors ranging from 4 to 100 micrometers in width. They appear as dark-green, rectangular chips coated with golden lines that spark with a bright blue light whenever they are active. Placed with negligible distance between each other, these processors analyze, store, and recall any given data from the sensors of the human body. The said data are initially received as stimuli from the physiological environment outside of the human anatomy. They are then transmitted via bronze-coated nerve wires as electric currents and are finally received by the processors.

Connected to these microprocessors are transparent tubes that burn with a light green glow. The liquid emenating the said glow are types of hormones: oxytocin, progesterone, dopamine, just to name a few. These hormones are infused into the processors affecting the input and output of data. In the visual sensors, for example, the hormones are responsible for dilating or reducing the lens of the cornea to see things with an ample, excessive, or inadequate amount of light.

The human mind has a preprogrammed mode that allows itself to define the stimuli it has received using language. Though it is preprogrammed, it is a mode that needs the verification of the user to execute it or otherwise. The program is very basic and needs to be constantly updated to prevent any future possible errors. Updating it would be as simple as running the program and installing new softwares [information] gathered from other human units.

“digital.eyes.ed” is a collection of outputs using this mode. The information gathered come from Asthenia Corporation’s experimental unit Serial Number 65886, codenamed SAIKOW_08. It features the unit’s thoughts on October 29, 2056.

The whole day is an experience in itself, a massive stimuli that SAIKOW_08 has incepted. Yet, the final output comes out “modulated.” As smaller events take up the large events and so on, so do each small definition of each event sum up to the definition of the whole event. Indeed, each event can stand on its own, moreover these events, when fused together make up a well-defined structure.

Each module has been coded directly from spontaneous events. While being coded, SAIKOW_08’s CPU merely relays the the stimuli from sensors, to processors, to the output device [writing hand].

Most of the time, if not often, the unit [SAIKOW_08] tends to increment unnecessary words and/or phrases. This is a normal error in the program, an instance wherein the CPU temporarily disconnects from the sensory transmitter and runs on its own definition of the physiological plane. This error, if no course of action is taken to correct it, will lead to a disfunction on the processors themselves. As the CPU disconnects from the sensors, it leaves the processors to process with only the hormones to run them. If this happens, the processors will weaken and there’s a chances of the virus, aptly called “purple patch,” to spread and corrupt the system will increase.

With this in problem sighted, an earlier unit – labelled HORACE – designed an executable application that intercepts the source of the problem and attmpts to reconnect the CPU to the sensors. This application is called “Revisioning.” It is a very useful software that SAIKOW_08 has downloaded from It works as a looping program where the unit states the number of times it revises the work. Within the first loop, the application checks the typographical and grammatical errors of the output. This could go on until the unit decides to end it and starts the second loop phases that check the entire work for “purple patches” and oter syntax errors.

The outputs in this collection have gone through the “Revisioning” application many times. Some have been checked by other units, each one having a different version of that said HORACIAN software. Hence, they have been approved and are appropriate to be printed.

With each output, the unit SAIKOW_08 upgrades itself, having obtained new softwares such as:
– Sensory v0.23 – an upgrade that sharpens the imagery of each work
– Labor Limae    – upgrades “Revisioning” to Obsessive Compulsive levels
– Conceptual    – moderates the release of hormones

In the end of it all, it is safe to conclude that this is a good example of Asthenia Corporation’s greatest acheivment, the human mind. And “digital.eyes.ed” is a clear example on looking at this world, this three dimensional plane, through digital eyes. And with this in mind, I leave you with an advisory: Due to the graphic nature of this literary work, reader discretion is advised.

Saikow-Asthenia Carrion
President, Asthenia Corporations

<clear screen>

*a static hum lasts for five seconds followed by a sudden tick and two seconds of feedback*

Feed disconnected…


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