Module II.

Receiving transmission…

/*The SAIKOW_08 unit receives transmission from the Asthenia Corporation’s telecommunications tower. The signal being conducted switches the unit’s mind ON. The following excerpt is a poem that describes how the unit receives the initial transmissions from the environment and how it ATTEMPTS to recollect its disrupted dream.*/

lines separate the scene:
white and black and all they greys between.
flowing currents from left to right,
the sound of a river flowing beneath glass.

she was a girl,
that much, i can recall.
nothing else, aside from that fact,
is coagulated in my waking eyes…

from the lines, the ceiling comes to form
upon the fleeting image of the girl.
from her hair come the shadows of the room.
from her skin, the peeling paint.

unlike an addiction
that’s more real when it’s not there.
just when i was focusing my sight
lines separated the scene…


~ by saikow on April 13, 2007.

One Response to “Module II.”

  1. Yeah! That’s called ‘puppy love’… i’d rather watch Romeo and Juliet. =)

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