just some random thoughts…

>supression is the main catalyst for dishonesty…

> trust and loyalty being the perfect combination for a good relationship is too ideal, and it could be a good recipe for chaos [ie, paranoia]… what a couple really needs is the knowledge that their partner is a different person, not a PART of them, or basically, not THEIRS… like what Locke said, no one can subject thineself to another, for no one can even subject to thineself… [not exact verbatim…]

>a friend asked me once “whats a PHOENIX?” i told him “PENIS, boy! cock, dick, ding-a-ling, ding-dong, johnson, joystick, manhood, member, organ, package, pecker, pee-wee, prick, shaft, shlong, tool, wang, wiener, willie, whoopee stick, lap rocket, cranny ax, boink swatter, nether rod, dude piston, quiver bone, pork steeple! PHOENIX!!!” he told me “wats da? dt r a lot of penors…” and i replied “yar… much like God and his many names…”


~ by saikow on April 26, 2007.

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  1. residual feed… poosee!!!

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