The sky was clear and the stars glimmered on their cerulean sea. The moon gazed over the quiet little town as it was sound asleep. The candle lights danced with the gentle breeze of the cool evening.

“Where did I go wrong?” the girl’s voice surfaced serenity. Her hand was pointing at the boy, with a gun trembling on it along with her eyes.

She had always liked him and did everything he told her to do. She had always obeyed him hoping that her efforts would make him see how important he was to her; hoping that she could turn him back the way he was a year ago. It seemed as though she only achieved in fulfiling the former.

“No… don’t…” his tone, like the way it has always been when they first met, was tame and his eyes grew watery. He felt a chill run down his knuckles as his heart thumped faster. Much like the gun pointing between his eyes, his knees trembled.

He moved back as she inched nearer to him, he toppled his chair over and he fell onto the crying grass. The dew drops felt cold as it pressed along his palms. She took more steps forward ’til the gun was a good five inches away from his forehead.

Sweat trickled down the barrel and reached the edge of the pistol. It dripped and left a mark on his shirt.

“You know,” her trembling voice shook the momentary silence, “there’s a big difference between loving someone and loving someone too much…”

His sanity slowly betrayed him as his eyes were blurry with tears and his mouth trembling, struggling to say her name. Never in his life, did this scenario cross his mind. Finally, he managed to blurt out a word; no, a curse; no, her name; or some part of it. “Ange…”

“NO!” her warning came as an explosion to his ears. “Hear me out…” Her teeth gritting, “Do you want to know who you really are to me?” her voice held months of wasted patience. “DO YOU!?”

There was silence as clouds gathered to block the view of the stars.

“Well, listen to me closely. You’re… the one… I… love…”

The voices of humanity were ended with a faint sound of a bullet freed from its chamber. It was followed up with the lonely sound of nothingness. Teardrops fell from the sky.

Blood gushed out of the wound. His eyes were filled with tears. Her cold lips whispered two last words: simple, shattering.

Another gunshot distorted the ambience of the peaceful night sky. And the warm gun fell from the boy’s cold hand.


~ by saikow on May 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “Agony”

  1. Whatever the reason behind, he deserved the bullet. Explode the head!

    Geez, it’s tragic. Agony can kill.

  2. ka sakit sad ani uyy…
    sana makabawi xa sa girl..

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