I’ve learned to live with chain letters. I admit, I do send chain letters. But, I dont send, and I f*cking hate, those who have “curses” in them. Specially those who have “God” written in them. I mean, if YOUR, and by YOU I mean the one who STARTED the chain, “god” enjoys seeing people die off over some stupid unsent, unread, or un-opened email, F*CK YOU. Im not addressing your god, it would be f*cking rude to step on other people’s beliefs. Oh, no, Im addressing YOU, you sick f*ck.

Sometimes, I receive letters such as those stated above. “Cursed” letters, letters from dead girls (though, it is cool. “dead girls NEVER say NO”), letters from… whatever. And I end up sending them. With, of course, the deletion of the “…if you dont send this…” part. I mean, at least I get immune to the “curse”, and the people I send it to wont know of the “curse.” I believe that something is only as powerful as the strength you give in it. That’s why Americans have shit loads of fire power. They BELIEVE in the power of bullets. Therefore, if one detatches the source for “belief” in something, it merely dies off. Same goes to the “curse”.

But, mind you, thats not the point of this post. The point is, a message is only important because it is one. Some chain letters bear essential philosophies and they get f*cking over-shadowed by the consequences of not sending them. I say, send what you wish to send and delete what you dont. CHOICE, my friends, is the best thing that we have (though it can be the worst thing to have in a society, but thats off the topic…)  and FEAR is everyones worst enemy. If you believe in fear, face it. If you know you have the power to spread it, dont. F*CK YOU if you do. I cant step on your choices, but I will if you start stepping on others’.

That goes for the “cursed” ones. As for the ones with “help my child get a new brain…” or something. I get out of my way to send them to every f*cking one on my list. I admit, I have a weakness for those with dying children. If they’re dead, I dont care, if they’re dying, I CAN help them from preventing me not to care. I mean, whats sending a little “please help…” to someone gonna cost me? As far as im f*cking concerened, I pay little to no amount of money for sending an instant mesage in YM.

Though, it IS your choice to send it or not. I have no right to dictate what you do. CHOICE. But please, DONT F*CKING INSULT ME WHEN I DO. IM NOT INSULTING YOUR CHOICE, DONT INSULT MINE. I DIDNT START THE CHAIN, YOU other SICK FUCK. Be fucking grateful that i didnt include the “…or else your loved one would stick a needle up his/her ass…” part. Take note, Im not offending your belief. Im offending YOU, you other sick f*ck.


~ by saikow on May 8, 2007.

One Response to “CHAIN”

  1. I have never read an essay that uses the word f*ck so much…
    well its funny and true..ive read a lot of chain letters before and they all touched me but pisses me off after, cause of the curses and all that shit forcing someone to forward it to others..

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