Genesis I

He just arrived at the park. Heaving from a long run from is house, he leaned on a lamp post and sighed. Above him, the orange sky slowly faded to blue and white clouds turned to grey. The warm setting sun burned a radiant yellow against his skin. The trees swayed and their leaves rustled as a cool breeze passed by, carrying the scent of newly cut grass. Shadows gradually covered the land ’til all he could see were their silhouettes: two figures seated upon a bench. He was behind them, watching patiently as they talked with each other.

He recognized the girl. He had known the girl since he was young. He spent his kindergarten days blowing up the girl’s dolls; elementary noons eating for free at the girl’s house; and high school nights listening on the phone as the girl ranted about her day. He heard the girl’s giggles as the sun’s rays traced the curves on her face. From where he was, he could see the girl staring into the eyes of the boy she liked.

The boy was, at that time, his best friend. He and the boy had drank enough bottles of beer to test their friendship. He often found himself listening to the boy’s stories about making girls cry. But, something inside him was saying that the boy would change this time. The boy placed his hand behind the girl and she lay her head on the boy’s shoulder.

Upon seeing that, he smiled, bent down and placed a rose on the foot of the lamp. He slowly walked away as the first star twinkled above the two silhouettes seated on a bench.


~ by saikow on May 8, 2007.

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