Genesis II

He had been talking to her for an hour now – an hour seemed to have passed by so slowly. She was conscious about the world around her. She noticed the chirping birds as their shadows passed by the corners of her eyes; the warm caress of the sun as it slowly retreated into the horizon; even the faint smell of the pine trees as they rustled and swayed. She was conscious about the fact that she was there, staring into the eyes of the boy she likes.

She had always admired the boy. Often, she found herself thinking about his smile while waiting for recess, lunch, and dismissal. He was a boy that every girl in her school knew. He was a good athlete, a talented musician, and a witty conversationalist.

She knows that he has a way with words, having had conversations with him that lasted for hours. It wasn’t like they dated and all, but she often found herself in the company of the boy and his best friend, which happened to be her closest friend. From her experiences with this boy, she could actually say that he DID say the right things at the right time. And she has, infact, proven that he WAS every girls dream-come-true.

Yes, she admired the boy a lot. But, deep inside her was a struggle. She could never imagine bringing herself to love this boy. Indeed, he was inside her head whenever her mind was idly waiting for something. But, he wasn’t inside her head when she prayed at night; he wasn’t the one she thought about calling up when she felt everything went wrong; he wasn’t the one who pops up when she needs someone to hold on to; he wasn’t the one she has known all her life; no, he wasn’t the one she thought she could love forever.

Indeed, he wasnt the one she thought she could ever love. He wasn’t the one who told her that there was a surprise waiting for her in this park. He wasn’t his best friend.

For a moment, while she was staring into his eyes, she thought that maybe this was what her closest friend wanted. He placed his arm behind her, and she lay her head on his shoulder. She knew he wouldn’t see her face. A tear fell from her eye as the first star twinkled above them.


~ by saikow on May 8, 2007.

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