2:17 in the morning…

Went out for a cup of coffee, smoked while playing the piano. D*mmit, I better let go of this addiction. Its bad for me – dry heaving sucks, specially when youre just brushing. F*ck it.

Post: About naked runners and destabilizers… Programming so early and reading about a report… This sucks balls… I miss her… Anyway…

R. Gonzie said that UP breeds destabilizers and naked runners. Uhmm, yeah, so? Bakit may mga affected? Guilty? Hahaha. No, seriously. He has his right to voice out his opinion. If you’re a smart UP student, you wouldn’t be that much offended as to actually go angsty bout it. He’s got a point. I mean, the gov’t DOES fund UP, why rally all the time against the same people that educate us?

The smartest thing to do is STUDY. F*cking geeky, eh? Yeah, well, go ask yourself “bat ako nasa UP?”. Dah oi, para magaral. If you cant do that, then do what my friends do, slack off and dont give a fuck. Just kidding, that’s just wasting money. Which is fucking stupid considering us not having the wealth of ayala’s and alike.

Anyway, isipa ra gud. If you study well, you get a good job, and when you do, you could, like, career it and all, and like, <hahaha atenista conyoness> be successful and earn a voice. THEN, you can tell the inquirer people that there was once a person who called the place you got educated from as some place that breeds destabilizers and naked runners. And say <in a slick manner> he suckz bowlz.

I know, skolars lagi ng bayan. We should give a fuck about the country and all. Pero, binabayaran tayo ng bayan para makagraduate. They invest, though i admit LITTLE, money on us EXPECTING na gagraduate tayo at makakatulong sa Pilipinas. We are mere tools, yes, but habang students pa tayo, we are still blunt knives.

Heck, non conformist UP. Yeah, but others just go with the flow of non conformity. Get my point? Conformity in nonconformity. D*mmit, grow up. You dont have to act weird or anything to be unique, just be yourself.

Anyway, back to the R. Gonzie issue. Well, yun. I know I dont have the right to force people to study, considering that I might fail in 3 out of 5 majors. <d*mn early morning labs> But I have the right to speak. As for those who “fight for freedom of expression” HEAR THE EXPRESSION OF OTHERS. The world doesnt revolve around you. Freedom dies when it steps on its kind. Just be good f*cking students, if you are, you’ll graduate in 4 years and not go through the tuition increase the following year. Heck, you might even have the power to actually DO something about it <eheheherrm… SOM PEOPLE, please manage…> hahaha. Capitalist pigs… loko lang…

Anyway, I need to go back to programming. D*mn, what right does this CSM student have to step on CHSS matters? EVERY RIGHT… Isko ko sa bayan… For now…


~ by saikow on May 8, 2007.

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