Media is everywhere.

No matter how much I would try to think of something else, my mind would still bear the mark that somethings wrong with our land. Its marks are everywhere. In the streets [newspapers], in school [opo, may TV kami sa dorm], in my home. Almost everyone is tuned in.

I just watched Media Focus [or is it Media in Focus] on ANC. Ed Lingao, and other guys were interviewed. It was on censorship, who sets the bars, the relationship of government and journalism, etc.

Yes, there is such a thing as the freedom of press. But, one cannot avoid biases. Hence, the creation of the “opinions” part in a newspaper. But, it really is hard to avoid injecting views on articles. Even history books are biased. So, how can one really find out if something being shown in TV is a fact and not an opinion. Near impossibility, actually.

Thats why some things are too delicate for press eyes. “Top secret” files were created for a reason. Either because the subject is still uncertain or the mere knowledge of that uncertain event might cause national unease. Censorship IS needed. And the press should now their limitations and responsibilities.

Im actually quite irritated with the presence of “opinion” in media. I mean, the person on TV just said that THE essence of democracy is treating the people as individuals, as adults and need not be spoonfed with views. They HAVE their own views. And it IS a problem that people IN THE MEDIA nowadays step on OTHERS’ views to uphold PERSONAL rights and views.

Here is the commonality in the media and the government that i REALLY wish them to have…

KNOWLEDGE of who they are. If you know who you are, you would know what your doing. They both exist to serve. The keyword is serve. THESE are the people who dont think of their personal interests.

I believe in egocentrism, with much respect to Adam Smith. Yes, the interest of the whole community thrives upon the fulfilment of the interests of each and everyone. Though, this only applies to the citizens. I dont believe that social servents (media, government, CHURCH) should have this right.

Just imagine this: the PEOPLE are the gods. They care only for themselves and their values. With the knowledge that they do not feed upon others [ehem, colonial mentality] everyone transpires. The whole community transpires. The government is there to help them. The media only to educate them. And the church to help them sleep at night [without the injection of beliefs, rather, only social truths with respect to rousseau’s civil religion]. Ang ganda sana ng buhay.


~ by saikow on May 8, 2007.

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