This book you currently hold on your hands is a compilation of early works by Saikow Asthenia Carrion. They have been chosen by the said author because they are the ones that, according to him, stood out.

The author had previously been into the BAE classes CW101 and CL121. In those majors, he has learned so much as to say that what he currently knows about writing is not insignificant.

Armed with the said aquired knowledge, the author set out to revise the stated earlier works and decided to compile them. This, my friend, is what came out.

The stories in the “Excerpts” part of this book are the revised formats of the original “Blood, Tears, and Stars Trilogy,” published in Blue Knight, Ateneo de Davao University High School’s official student publication, between the years 2004-2005. The original formats lacked “in medias res,” thus turned them into dragging little tales. What they did lack was compensated by their oozing “purple patches.” Though, they never really quite helped the stories themselves. Before the revisions, the “trilogy” was one JUVENILLE festering piece of, well, WORK. What else would you expect from a normal high schooler? [Note: the author WAS a high school student when he wrote Blood, Tears…] Though, I must warn you, dear reader, the revised editions still DO have hints of JUVENALIA. If, and most likely you do, have an allergy for sappy stories, I advise you to get a waste bin before reading the “Excerpts” part. You’ll need it to catch your own vomit.

Moving on, the “Essays” part contains works that were once blog posts [rants] of the author. They actually retain their “rant” image, the author chose to just scrap of those parts which are TOO out-of-the-blue. Some ideas, mind you, are not acknowledged by the author anymore. He has chosen to include them because they appear rather persuasive, and the author likes that. JUVEY warning, too, some posts are too EMO for some people to handle. We advise you hold on to the waste bin.

Finally, the “Poetries” segment features the works of the author when he just took a step away from “Hallmark” poetry. By that, I mean, those that use rhyme as the ONLY measure for aesthetic value. Do remember that it was made just a STEP away from that type of poetry. Do not expect too much. Most probably, you would know who the author is, by that I mean you shouldn’t really expect that much.

Well, I hope this prologue didn’t COMPLETELY turn you off from this book. It’s actually quite a nice read. When you’re REALLY bored that is… ENJOY…


~ by saikow on May 8, 2007.

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