i write because it entertains me. although quite a number of things entertain me, writing is the most convenient in all of them. i could just have an idea in an instant, then i could write it down to avoid forgetting about it. whats “fun” about that is when id reread that idea and i could just play with it. i like making things, taking them apart and remaking them. much like making a program: a prototype code is made, then comes the debugging, then the finished product. too bad i need a compiler to do that, in writing however, i could just grab any writing material and jot down my thought/s on napkin, cardboard, or, like most of the time, skin.

i write because i want to be known. it also entertains me to know that people would know me because of my works. i find pleasure in hearing people say “oh, YOU made this?” whats more pleasurable would be hearing this follow-up remark, “and i thought you just masturbated and did drugs.” call me self-centered, whatever, i just love proving people wrong. though not in a direct way, im not that evil. i like disproving what smart-asses THINK is right.

i write because i want to teach. why? hell, this is the only way to be known. well, in an “honorable” way, that is. though it remains true that i wish to entertain people, its the ONLY way to get peoples attentions, i would also like to teach them. why? coz i hate this place we live in, i want to change it. if not for all, then for MY betterment.

i write because i want to be immortal. yup, im self-centered. does it show? no, i thought so. thats why i write, its my way of letting people know that i exist. to let them see that i CAN write and im GOOD at it. though not necessarily aiming to be BETTER than most, just settling down to being KNOWN. coz it entertains me…


~ by saikow on July 2, 2007.

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