3271. marius monsanto

yup, im number 3271 on


its about some racism in desperate housewives… generally, i wouldnt care… i myself make fun of other races… but, not to the extent of insulting their profession…

i have this illusion that if ALL fil workers stop working for a day, 40% or something of the world’s production would stop… or something… i dunno… hehehe…

so i was saying “no to super racism” and a friend told me “yes to hunger”

and i was like “no. yes to killing criminals… thus solving hunger…”

yup, uman meat might taste good… solves 2 things: unger + over population…

[edit] he also said “YES TO PROSTITUTION AND EXPLOITATION! AND SLAVERY! CHILD PORNOGRAPHY!” im like… “yey, prostitution with HEALTH CARDS AND MATCHING CONDOMS EVERYWHERE THEY GO!” as for the expliotation and slavery, uhhh, i think weve had enuf of that during pre edsa… until now, i suppose… and CHILD PORNOGRAPHY!? i know ur just joking, but thats just sick… hahahah…

and another friend told me “no wonder 9-11 was a blessing…” and i was like “uhhh… no? children died…”

[edit] guess what, he put his email ad in public… hahahaha… someones gonna get hate mails… hahaah…

please, no children deaths… kill emos, but not children…


~ by saikow on October 3, 2007.

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