an epiphany on christmas night… [prayer]


You’re 2040 years older, Christ. And in that span of time, where did Humanity go wrong? When did your birthday become one massive party for capitalists?

This season is not about parties; it’s not about buying new things to own; it’s not about receiving stuff; it’s not even about giving. It’s about you and your birthday. It’s about celebrating your day. And what do we do in such an event? We can give nothing that you don’t already have. Unless, of course, the celestial gift of REALIZATION. To realize – no, to be, even once a year, be grateful of the things you have given ALL of us: the gift of life, the gift of friends and family, the gift of talents.

We have been accustomed to the practice of wishing for something when our birthdays come. Therefore, you should have a wish, right? But, you’re the prince, and by the IDEALS we have on running a state, it should be you who listens to the wishes of your people. And that being said, I wish that each and everyone of us, from the starving children of Africa to the ones believing that Christmas is only a holiday of gifts, would realize how blessed we are. For the gift of life, the gift of friends and family, the gift of talents. Call it “best wishes FOR you”.

Happy birthday, Christ…


~ by saikow on December 24, 2007.

2 Responses to “an epiphany on christmas night… [prayer]”

  1. i guess you just answered your own questions. you’re just too intelligent for not seeing it

  2. i dont get your face, krizsa

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